Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Opium problems in Afghanistan

"Fighting the war on Afghanistan opium seems almost insurmountable, but the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, UNODC, works hard at finding ways to solve the problem. In 2000, a ban on the Taliban-led Afghanistan, which produced 75% of the world’s opium, yielded a 98% drop in the poppy production. However, when the Taliban lost control in 2001 the opium trade increased. By 2006, Afghanistan generated 94% of the world’s supply"[1].


Afghanistan opium poppy cultivation 1994-2007

P.S. I've found interesting news: "Russia accuses the United States of conspiring with Afghanistan's drug producers by refusing to eradicate opium plantations in the country. US marines, stationed in the opium-growing Helmand province since February, told the villagers that they do not intend to cut the production, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Sunday".[2]

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